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The philosophy of Hofit, which specializes in the production of plastic products, has resulted in the company selecting polyethylene, whose properties make it ideal in terms of durability while protecting the environment, underground water and prevents hazards to the ecosystem, as its raw material.

Hofit, an innovative creative company, is relying on over forty years of experience in the manufacturing of various plastic products that help keep the environment clean and green. Hofit is Israel's leading company in this field, and the original inventor of manholes and other plastic products for sewage, drainage and infrastructures.
Located next to Kibbutz Kinneret, the Hofit plant currently employs a staff of 80. The Company is a leader in rotational moulding, and manufactures a range of injection moulding chambers, a developing innovative segment of Company operations. The wide array of products includes: control manholes for sewage, drainage and communications; separation and submergence systems for sewage, oils and fuels, various containers for storing fluids, drinking water and chemicals; road separators (New Jersey); various elements for playground facilities as well as various customer products.

Hofit created, designed and manufactured the first plastic manhole over 30 years ago, while focusing on protection of the environment and water sources. This was the first completely innovative product that offered full protection of the environment from sewage contamination.
The extensive knowledge gained throughout the years has allowed Hofit to position itself as a leading partner in cooperative efforts when there is a need for products using the rotational method.
The Company’s philosophy focuses on protecting the environment and ground water, an approach that resulted in Hofit’s R&D Department in choosing polyethylene, MDPE, as the most suitable material for creating sewage manholes. The complete impermeability of this material allows the manholes a complete physical separation between contaminated waste flow in the manholes and the environment, offering full protection from pollutants generated by human, agricultural and industrial activity. The manholes are strong, durable, resistant to corrosion or fractures and do not secrete hazardous materials or toxins into the environment. It can also be fully recyclable. These properties make them clearly ideal for installation while protecting the environment, ground water and preventing damage to the ecosystems.
Hofit is currently the leader in manufacturing plastic sewage systems. Maintaining this position is attributed to continued development in close conjunction with the market and its needs whiel offering solutions and products that correspond with the renewed modifications and standards.
The large selection of company products provides Hofit customers with a large array of various combinations that results in a viable response that is ideal for even the most complex projects. Hofit offers smart control chambers based on two approaches:
*Monobloc system – manholes built as a single unit for simple, quick installation.
*Modular system – which allows full compliance with the project conditions and flexibility in installation times.

Hofit’s control chamber is extremely light weight, quick and convenient to install with flawless and superior durability and complete impermeability.

Studies show that 50% of manholes are made of concrete that are not properly sealed, allowing water to enter the manhole or even worse – concrete allows ground water to be contaminated. The concrete manholes have low resistance to corrosion, i.e. low resistance to chemicals found or that occur from home waste and industrial chemicals, eating away at the uneven surfaces until cracks form.
These concrete manholes suffer from low resistance to cracks, shocks during delivery, loading and unloading, unstable ground, various repairs and even temperature fluctuations that might result in fractures or cracks. In addition to these disadvantages, concrete manholes are heavy, and require more conveyance than identical products made of polyethylene as well as heavy equipment during their installation, due to their heavy weight.
Although developed at the end of the 19th century, commercial use of polyethylene only began in the 1940s. Ever since, the material has been used in water and sewage transmission systems, replacing on many occasions concrete as a reliable material with enhanced performance and above all – one that is environmentally friendly.
Hofit Kibbutz Kinneret Ltd. is one of the pioneers in this field, as it developed and introduced to the global market polyethylene manholes (HDPE, LLDPE) while offering customers and end users the right solution through use of this material. Development of manholes and a wide array of solutions.
The company engineer: “The Company vision is to be the first and to continue to lead – this is a challenge that Hofit has met throughout the years due to vast investment in the development of innovative solutions combined with meticulous adherence to quality of the raw materials, product quality and constant relationship with customers. Plastic manholes are and will remain the leading product for the company. “The extensive knowledge, experience and professionalism of Hofit employees allows its products to comply with the most stringent standards in Israel and around the world. Manufacturing processes are controlled and supervised in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 requirements, the international standard of quality management, thereby assuring the quality of manufacturing and products over time.”
“Hofit has a long series of products that comply with standard EN 13598-1, EN 13598-2, and that undergo stringent tests in the factory laboratory, in accordance with these requirements and under the constant supervision of the Standards Institution of Israel.” Hofit’s control chambers were recently approved for installation in areas with tremendous overhead load, particularly in infrastructures that include roads, stores and sidewalks.
The company has been awarded international standards from numerous and recognized standards institutions worldwide.

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