Hofit Company manufactures a wide range of products for the field of agriculture, water tanks, fertilizing tanks, spill containment pallets for storage of fertilizers above and underground water storages, solids separators for cowsheds and hen house, spraying containers, fish ponds, etc. Our Company considers collaboration with the agricultural sector an important component of its activity.


Hofit Company manufactures a wide range of products serving the industry, some of the products that can be mentioned: mineral oils separation units, tanks for chemical materials, detergent stirring tanks, portable storage tanks for grains and powders, spill containment pallets for barrels, etc. Hofit has a development department attentive to industry needs, we can manufacture special products according to customer requirements.

Underground communication

Hofit Company specializes in manufacture and development of a wide range of underground modular plastic chambers, used in municipal and intercity infrastructure in fields of communication, electricity and gas. Our products are characterized by full accommodation to the specific customer needs, ease of installation, excellent full prove sealing, and possibility of connection to a wide range of pipes of various materials and kinds.

Inspection chambers

Hofit Company first presented plastic inspection chambers to the global market over 40 years ago, the Company manufactures and exports sewage manholes, drainage chambers, chambers for gas underground tanks, communication and electricity chambers in a wide and diversified range.


The concern for the environment is top priority of Hofit Company, our products deal with treating and separation of sewage water, mineral and organic separation of oils, fuels and solids, spill containment panels, etc., according to the strictest international standards. All the products can be fully 100% recycled, completely sealed against the transfer of contamination to and from the ground around them.


Hofit, an innovative creative company, is relying on over forty years of experience in the manufacturing of various plastic products that help keep the environment clean and green. Hofit is Israel's leading company in this field, and the original inventor of manholes and other plastic products for sewage, drainage and infrastructures.

Fast product development is our strength

Our goal is to place the polyethylene manholes in the center of our business, using innovative technology that will ensure the quality and level of the products which is second to none...

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